Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Only 15-20% Development Funds Reach Common Man

              The 2014, is the election year in India. Put on the TV show or radio channel, I see series of advertisements posted by the government, highlighting the achievements. I always ask myself, if there is an achievement, it should be seen by everyone, supporters and opponents equally. 
              I think the budget for these government sponsored ads must be running in crores. Who pays? Public??
              Last about seven decades, Indians have seen many governments, at the Center and state level. There has  hardly been any change. If there was a change, that 15-20% should have at least doubled. has anyone, politician or bureaucrat tried to analyse the situation? Where do the remaining 80-85% public funds go?
            The two main problems in the failure of public  welfare schemes in India are: corruption and lack of accountability. There is an urgent need to bring in systemic changes and install checks and balances to prevent government officials and politicians indulge in corrupt practices.